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Our Services


Comprehensive Financial Planning

When we deliver comprehensive financial planning, you get planning in each of the areas mentioned on this page. Each aspect of our financial life is intertwined with the other aspects. We believe that each area must be considered along with the other areas, instead of being independent of the other areas. What may be great for one area could cause damage to other areas if not considered. This is our approach for all of our clients.


Investment Advice and Monitoring

At Baldwin & Associates, we believe in long-term passive investing. We do not time markets. We advocate well-diversified portfolios, which allow our clients to live without the need to check the market daily. A simpler life is a better life. Our investment philosophy is rooted in academic research such as the Efficient Market Hypothesis proposed by Nobel Prize winner Eugene Fama and Kenneth French, and the Modern Portfolio Theory proposed by Harry Markowitz.

Business Succession Planning

When you’ve worked hard to build and grow your business, it shouldn’t fall away when you’re done working. We help create a proper strategy to make sure that the value you place on your business can one day be realized for retirement. It is important to consider this early in your retirement planning, so that proper measures can be taken to avoid pitfalls.


Budgeting Techniques

Sometimes we encounter events in our lives that change the way we view money and spending. We help our clients understand their capabilities as well as their limits. Longevity risk (risk of outliving your money) is real and should always be considered when discussing retirement planning, investments, and more.


Net Worth Review and Goal Setting

Our advice is centered on the goals of the client. We understand that the quality of life and the achieving of life goals are some of the most important aspects of our clients’ financial plans. We are able to use Net Worth to measure our successes and hopefully create new, even better goals for our clients to achieve.


Retirement Planning

A burning question most people have, or eventually will have is “Do I have enough money to retire?” Many of these people do not even have the desire to retire yet, but simply want to know they are able to do so. Using Monte Carlo simulations, we are able to generate a probability of success that your money will outlive you. We love to see our clients succeed and enjoy the flexibility provided to our clients by starting this process early.


Estate Planning

We are not attorneys, nor do we give legal advice or draft legal documents. We do however approach each of the financial planning areas with estate planning in mind. When we spot a potential estate issue, we guide the client in the direction of their estate planning attorney. Creating a legacy is an important topic for many people. Ensuring that legacy is maintained and distributed according to the wishes of the client is of equal importance.


Education Funding Strategies

There are many ways to fund education needs for a family. In many cases, a preplanned solution such as a 529 Plan or state pre-paid plan is appropriate. Each situation is unique and we enjoy finding the best tailor-made solution for the needs of the client.


Risk Management and Insurance Planning

We do not sell insurance, give quotes on insurance products, or underwrite any insurance products. It is vastly important for clients to be properly insured on as many fronts as they are exposed to liability and risk. Long-Term Care, for example, can be one of the greatest drains on a client’s wealth if not properly insured. We can identify these gaps and guide our clients to an insurance agent, while preparing them with an understanding of what they can expect to receive.


Tax Planning

We are not CPA’s and do not prepare tax returns. Taxes play a role in every area and every step of financial planning. We review your most recent income tax return and help plan for tax opportunities. The tax consequences of financial decisions are considered in your recommended financial plan.