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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Fiduciaries don’t sell products, instead they create, implement and monitor custom financial plans related to life events. We sit on the same side of the table with our clients creating a financial plan that provides a guide to a peaceful and prosperous life.


Investment Advice and Monitoring

We believe in long-term, passive investing. Liquid and diversified portfolios allow clients to live without the daily drama of market volatility. We ignore the hype, accept the unpredictability and plan for it. We do not time markets.

Business Succession Planning

A multi-faceted strategy is needed to transition a business. We help you organize a legal and tax team and start early to avoid pitfalls.


Budgeting Techniques

Cash flow is about income, expenses and goals. It drives retirement projections, guides the investment plan, and effects taxes.

Net Worth Review and Goal Setting

Our advice is focused on achieving goals. A Net Worth statement is continuously updated to measure success.


Retirement Planning

A common question is “Do I have enough money to retire?” Using simulations along with ‘what if’ analyses, we generate a probability of success using multiple custom scenarios. Starting earlier increases flexibility.


Estate Planning

We approach each of the financial planning areas with estate planning in mind. When we spot a potential estate issue, we guide the client to their attorney to ensure that their desired legacy is in place.


Education Funding Strategies

We help with funding strategies for education expenses, considering the risk of inflation, while searching for tax saving opportunities using 529 Plans and state pre-paid plans.


Risk Management and Insurance Planning

Insurance is recommended when there is risk. We don’t sell insurance, but we understand risk mitigation and available solutions. Long-Term Care can be one of the greatest drains on wealth. We look for gaps, listen for fears and provide guidance to an insurance expert.


Tax Planning

Taxes are considered in every area of financial planning especially retirement planning, investments, estate planning and business succession planning. We are continuously looking for tax opportunities.

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